Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floor and Ceiling!

The ceiling was installed in the basement.
The wood floor to match the existing floor was installed. The room looks so much bigger!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Painting done

New patio areas off basement.
Basement standing in original area looking at new addition.

Fireplace was moved from living room to basement.
Standing in original living room looking out to addition.
Looking out to new deck.

We chose the same color that we have in our house for the living room and basement areas. Mom's room, closet and bathroom are Sherwin William's Silvermist.

Above is looking into mom's 8x 10 closet- waiting on the closet system.
Above-Hallway in bedroom to living room. Bathroom tile is all grouted waiting on the plumber.
The color is so pretty! Annette had picked it out for Don's Parade of Homes house and we fell in love with it. All of the subs who have seen it have complimented it as well. It is very restful. The five windows in this bedroom are terrific!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Patios poured!

Weather is always a factor during construction. Fortunately the only thing that was affected by weather was the pouring of the concrete. The issue was more of having the heavy truck pull through the yard and leave deep ruts after the rainfall we have had. They were here by 7:00 this morning and started right to work. We now have some great patio spaces that I look forward to turning into some great outdoor rooms.

As an extra we had them pour a 6 foot circle that will be circled with brick for our little bistro table. A nice little spot at the front to sit with coffee. We have to finish putting the trellises together on the brick wall. The Carolina Jasmine has really taken off since Mothers' Day!

We also chose paint colors. When we visited Don's home in the Parade of Homes we fell in love with the color that the family room was painted. Don's wife Annette did a super job on colors in that house! It was Sherwin William's Silvermist that we really liked. It looked gray, then blue, then green...just pretty! Mom chose it for her room, closet and bathroom. We are sticking with the neutral color that is in our house already for the remainder of the addition.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wet and hot but the work moves along!

The cement forms are in place. The weather has been very wet this week with heavy rainfall most nights. We are hoping that the concrete is poured tomorrow.
Vanity was delivered this week. Mom is excited!
Trim work all done! Starting to really look like it is near completion.

All the doors were installed and the crown molding was put in the trey ceiling today.
Bathroom tiling near completion as well. Hot days to be inside working like this but these guys did it with a smile- and a fan!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My favorite so far......

See these? Guess what they are......

Pieces to this....look...up to the left.....

I have found my spot, my favorite spot to sit and share this adventure with you. From the comfort of my new deck. A deck that will NEVER have to be stained. A deck where I can watch and listen to the birds. A deck where I can sit and dream of my gardens to come!

And just as promised, the next crew arrived bright and early this morning to do their thing!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahead of schedule

The sheetrock is up! The crew will be in tomorrow- Saturday to add the first coat of spackle or whatever that is called!

Our contract promised that work would be complete in 90 days. Wow will our expectations be exceeded. Things are moving at record pace!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inside looking out

Mom's bedroom will have 5 windows plus one in her bathroom. Lots of light. The living room addition will have a wall of windows. I am thrilled. I love to look out over our back yard. These windows will make that possible year round!

Isn't it pretty in pink? The insulation was installed today!

The brick was added under mom's front bedroom window. Dreaming of the landscaping that will go here.
Mom liked the trey ceiling in our master bedroom and asked for one just like it in her room.